Strategy for Getting both Short term and long term client for your Business

Today most of the freelancer’s including digital marketers looks for client in freelance marketplaces. In Upwork nearly 17,000,000 users are registered. So getting a job from this kind of competition is very hard. But most of us don’t know the easiest way to get client . We always hanker after marketplace and make the job market competitive day by day. If you want client in this arena, you should follow some strategy and rules. Getting client in the current arena of digital marketing is an easy task which can be accomplished if you want so. It’s important to remember that if you want to get client you need to follow strategy. Now your strategy will depend on different kinds of effort followed by your goal. There are two different kinds of clients, long-term and short-term and getting both types of client cannot be done in the same method. The strategy of getting long time client is far more different from to get client for short time. So, you have to determine your goal for getting client before diving into strategy.

In this post I am going to share some of my strategy which I follow to get my client and these strategies really helped me a lot.

Strategy for getting Short term client:

How Facebook ads can make your work easier

Today more than 2 billion of people use Facebook and the users of Facebook are increasing like crazy. So getting a job from somewhere like social media can make your day cool. Recently Facebook has created an option for posting job. It is really helpful for both the freelancer and the employer. If you can make your Facebook profile more professional and authentic than you might be going to get hired from Facebook.

You can also get your potential client from Facebook just by making an ad campaign. Your success of getting client will depend largely on HOW YOU SET UP AD. So before investing your all the effort, you need to determine about your audience. A buyer persona can really help you in this kind of case.

Pitching on job post: Old is Gold.

This is one of the old style methods for getting client which still works best. This strategy is best for the SEO specialist who is looking for unranked websites. For getting client from job pitching you should look forward for websites under ranked just by googling with few strings. You can make a template and then just email the webmaster. This strategy is also works best for web designer/ graphic designer/ digital marketer etc. The basic of email marketing can help you in this regard.

Guest posting: Latest way to market yourself!

For getting job as writer guest posting can really help you in this regard. Publishing guest posts on different websites can make you authoritative on the subject you talked. Potential client always read and about different things of media and entertainment. As they will read your post they will find some potential in you which helps them to learn more about you and by following you might be contracted by them to look into the matter they are stuck with. This is how guest post can give you potential clients.

Strategy for getting Long time client:

Portfolio Website: How it can make your goal easier

For freelancer its very important to make portfolio sites. It helps an individual to present himself as an expert. Moreover, it can also help in presenting yourself as a professional. The type of portfolio website depends on the type of work you do. If you are a graphic designer you can try behance for showcasing your work. It will help your client in understanding your creativity and inner talent.

For long time goal, you can also self host a website on WordPress/Weebly/Wix. You can publish article there and do almost all the things a typical website do. If you can implement SEO on your website then you might be going to get huge amount of traffic and from there you can turn your traffic into leads and then you can turn your leads into your clients.

Email list: Why it is still an asset to lot of marketers!

Email list is very important for any kind of marketing strategy. You should create a sign up form on your website then you should create a very cool CTA(call to action). With call to action you can target a definite audience which can be turned into your potential client.
For getting leads you can follow lead magnet system. Lead magnet is a kind of system which is to offer your audience something and in exchange they are giving you their email address. You can give your audience ebooks or tools which may be helpful for them and thus you can earn lots of email address just by following simple address.

Content marketing: Your Gold mine of success!

Content marketing is one of the trending term in Digital marketing. You should create content for your own blog beside guest blogging. Guest blogging can help you a lot in getting lots of attention but your own blog can help you make a profitable audience which can be turned into lots of profit. So if you have basic knowledge of SEO especially on page SEO you can make SEO content which is Google friendly. The best thing of content marketing is you don’t have to find your client, your client will find you through google.


In the world of freelancing, all the freelancer hankers after client on the marketplace. Some potential talent can’t get job even after 6 months. You can get a lot of clients through online just by following some simple strategy. The way of getting client is not so hard you think. It’s always easier if you follow the rules and strategy. Patience is a term which is needed in this system. The strategy discussed above is a definite way of getting success in freelance career. But if you are not patient you will give up soon which is not good at all. Again, all your success will depend on your effort and hardworking. To implement this strategy, it just will take 1-2 hour a day.