A definite guide to freelance writing career

It seems like starting a freelance writing career is not easy at all. In most cases, freelance writers take this profession as a part-time job(Work less than 20 hours a week). The average freelance writer can make $10,000 per year. People around the world who runs blog need consistent content for their website and It can only be done by a freelance writer. Yes! You can become a freelance writer, but there are several ways you can start your career.

If you start your career in the wrong way, you might face many problems during getting your first job on the internet. The basic thing of freelance writing is presenting yourself as a specialist in a very specific niche. This thing always helped me in getting new clients.
Today I am going to share with you the exact way you should follow for getting your first freelance writing contract. This tactic never going to get old. Pro freelancers still follow the following strategy when they stuck with getting new clients. Now Let’s dive into it!

How the Website can change the game!

As a freelance writer, you should have a portfolio website. A portfolio website for a writer is a much-needed thing for showing off their best piece of work to their client. It can express and present a writer’s ability to write great content. For making such a portfolio website you even don’t need to buy any pro theme or logo. You can just make a few pages and you need to have a blog page on your website which will help you to show your work. You can follow my example of a portfolio website.

Pages should be included:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Hire me.
  4. My work

And a blog site where you need to write blogs. This mini-website of only four pages can turn the game toward yourself if you follow me exactly. So a website for a freelance writer is very important.

Guest Post: The much-needed thing for a freelance writer.

Guest posting is another term in Freelance writing. A freelance writer needs to publish blog posts on someone else’s site. This thing will help a freelance writer in getting the attention of some potential audience. A good writer always tries to submit the best of his work on other’s blogs/websites.

You can find out Guest Posting sites by Googling few strings like. “Your keyword” + Guest post Some websites can help you in submitting your work on some websites.

Guest blogging can help a person in building a writer’s persona in the online presence. So Probably it is the most effective way of getting potential readers into your website. Guest blogging can help a writer in building a productive audience. It can help you in presenting your skill toward your audience.

How you can find out your first paying company!

In this step, I will show you how you can find companies that will pay you for your writing. There are several ways you can follow to find a company.

The first one is the Marketplace.

You can look for writing works in any freelance marketplace. There are also some marketplaces specialized for writing. Problogger is one of the best marketplaces for freelance writers.
Here you can find potential clients who will pay you for your writing.

The Golden Tip!

The next tip I am going to share with you is a special one. Following this strategy, you can find lots of companies who will pay you for writing. This strategy called upside down. In this strategy, you should look for freelance writers instead of companies. To find out the result you can follow these search strings:

Your topic “Guest Post” + “is a freelance writer”
Now take all the websites URL into a list and then find out the writer’s profile. Now look for the portfolio website of the writer. Then navigate to the about page and then work with me page. You might find some companies list there.
These companies are proven paying companies who played the writers for their work. You can now reach out to those companies and look for freelance writing works.
Some tips for pitching your email/work :

  1. You can find their emails by using free chrome extensions like hunter or SNOV. Both are free with limited credit.
  2. Now make an email template. Make sure the template is not large. You should keep your email as short and as simple as possible.
  3. Make sure you linked your portfolio website with the email.

3. Pro Tips :

  1. You can include a 30-60 second video with your email explaining your work.
  2. You can create this kind of animation from Doodly.

How referral can help you in getting clients.
In the current marketplace, referrals can largely help you in getting clients. Just go to your LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter and then send out a message to your close ones like a message below:

Hi [Name],

I have started my career as a freelance writer and working on [Your topic/niche]. Do you know someone who needs content in this kind of niche? Can you help me by getting me connected with them? Here are my portfolio link [Your website link]
Best wishes,

[Your Name]

This is the basic thing that we never follow. You might find it silly but it is an effective way of getting new clients at the start. So you can start from the beginning by sending messages to your near and dear ones.


A career as a writer might be not easy at all. But by building a reputation can make this hard thing easy. You might be stuck with something unexpected in this path. But if you focus on the basic thing you can overcome those barriers. Initially, you might have to struggle for getting your first freelance writing job. But soon after your first job is done, things will become a lot easier. You should not give up early in this career. Just stay focused and success will run towards you.